For Drivers

Anyone with a vehicle and driving license can join us as a driver and start earning. Drivers have to:

  • Provide us with their personal information
  • Pass the online security screening test

Drivers can

  • Access their account anytime
  • Use our app, its tools, features, maps and support service
  • Enjoy driver benefits
  • Choose to work at their own timings
  • Have to abide by all the company policies
  • Have to abide by traffic rules and laws

A driver cannot:

  • Misuse/abuse the service criteria, company name, and privacy policy
  • Open, steal or hide the parcel entrusted to them
  • End their working hours in the middle of a trip
  • Take a trip which they cannot complete due to lack of time, or misunderstanding the destination location.

For Dispatcher

  • Anyone above 13 years of age can create dispatch account to send a delivery
  • Provide us with mandatory personal information
  • Cannot request/force drivers to deliver illegal/prohibited goods/items
  • Cannot ask for unrealistic timelines for long-distance deliveries
  • By providing us with your email or contact information you are deemed to agree to receive any promotional letters or posts by us and no other separate consent form will be required to show your consent. However, if you wish to opt-out of any of the promotional campaigns please contact us.


If there is a loss, delay, or damage of parcel due to the mistake of the driver or the company, the drivers or SPS will be responsible for compensation. However, in case of any unforeseen incident, traffic jams, accidents, weather conditions, any loss, damage or delay will not be compensated by us.

SPS reserves the right to cancel the membership of the drivers or dispatchers anytime if need be and restrict access to their accounts without prior notice.


For information/queries regarding our T&C please contact us.