Want Delivery in 90 minutes?

Sameday Parcel Service-SPS literally delivers your parcel at the desired destination on the same day you dispatched! Begin the countdown until your parcel is received.

Not Everything Can Be Planned Ahead!

For Unplanned Surprises or Urgent Deliveries Think SPS!

Anywhere, Any Size, Anytime!

Post office and cargo services set a schedule for dispatching and delivery of the shipment. The size of the parcel may also add to the cost and time of delivery. For oversized objects to be shipped, we have a choice of vehicles that may accommodate your parcel. With the Sameday Parcel Service, customize your delivery schedule by hiring a driver who can instantly leave to deliver your parcel anywhere across Canada.


Pay Online!

Our easy payment options offer you the comfort of paying from your home. Just enter your credit card details or choose the cash

Choice Of Vehicles

From Car to Cargo Van you may choose the vehicle of your choice that may accommodate the size of your parcel.

Easy App Operations

We have an easy-to-navigate app that requires no extra fuss to operate. Anyone from any age group can easily operate the app to avail our services.

Time Management

We deliver on the same day so you do not have to plan ahead. Manage your time efficiently without worrying about dispatching a parcel days before.

Ensuring Safety & Confidentiality

From your doorstep to the recipient’s!

Sameday Parcel Delivery is a customized parcel pickup and delivery service with the delivery scheduled on the same day. Install our app, tap to call a driver, choose the required vehicle, and dispatch your delivery from your doorstep safely.

Tap & Ship!

It is as easy as tapping that SPS icon on your mobile app and our drivers hail to take your parcel anywhere you desire!.Dispatch your delivery through our driver and rate the driver on our app to help us improve our service and customer experience as you desire.