Which areas do you cover?

We operate in Canada

I cannot access my account.

Please close the app and try again later. If the problem persists please contact us or log our and Login.

Can I change my information/account settings later?

Please open the app and visit the settings to change your information or account settings anytime.

What are the items you do not deliver?

We do not deliver items prohibited by law such as Food, Moving or things that are not related to sameday delivery.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Please visit our delivery estimates here to know about pricing.

What Makes SPS Convenient and Affordable?

Pay Online!

Our easy payment options offer you the comfort of paying from your home. Just enter your credit card details or choose the cash on delivery option.

No Pickup Charges!

You do not have to worry about paying the driver for pickup services. Pay only for the distance above the minimum amount of delivery charges.

Choice Of Vehicles

From bikes to SUVs, you may choose the vehicle of your choice that may accommodate the size of your parcel.

Easy App Operations

We have an easy-to-navigate app that requires no extra fuss to operate. Anyone from any age group can easily operate the app to avail our services.

Time Management

We deliver on the same day so you do not have to plan ahead. Manage your time efficiently without worrying about dispatching a parcel days before.

What Do We Ship On The Same Day?

We ship items of any nature, size, and quality packed properly by the sender.

  • Packed or tinned Food and beverages
  • Plants
  • Pets
  • Fragile items, crockery
  • Furniture items
  • Small machinery
  • Letters, notes, stationary
  • Apparel & fabric

Things We Do Not Ship!

We do not ship the things whose carriage is restricted by the Canadian Law including:

  • Currency and Stamps
  • Jewelry
  • Precious Metals, Precious Stones, Bullion, Diamonds
  • Antiques and Work of Art
  • Liquor, Contraband, Drugs
  • Weapons, Explosives, Hazardous or Combustible Materials
  • Wild Animals
  • Negotiable Instruments in Bearer Form
  • Lewd, Obscene or Pornographic Materials, Industrial Carbons
  • Items/articles restricted by the government of Canada (or any other authority that you have) or ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)

For Everything Else,

Get it Delivered It on the Sameday

For more questions/information regarding our service, please contact us at :---support@shipwithsps.ca